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Friday, 17 November 2017

Black Friday mega event 2017 now on at Alternative Armies biggest of the year!

Now on and until 9am GMT Tuesday 28th November there is a Black Friday mega event happening at Alternative Armies. We have automatic Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over 15GBP of product placed in the cart and we have SIX brand new releases too during the event. A new release each day from the 18th to the 23rd November leading up to the big weekend itself. All of these releases (minus their images) are now on our Events and Bundles page along with all our other special offers for the event and more. We will feature each new release in its own news article on its day in detail. Here are the new codes and the top offers we have alongside our free postage! Its huge and it will end with a Cyber Monday (27th Nov) mega offer on all our digital download books (the other deals are still on during Cyber Monday). Enjoy and here are the details. 

New Releases! 
All are on the website now on the New Releases page and will be revealed in detail in its own article. 

VNT39 Air Squid and Handler (28mm High Fantasy Monster) 
MP30 Deaths Head Fountain (28mm Torture Chamber) 
SGF82 Soba Shop (15mm Sengoku Range) 
DFE01 Mummified Wizard on Throne (15mm Fantasy) 
56114 Hunvarian Guard Ogre Cavalry plus Uniformation (Flintloque and Slaughterloo) 
RAP037 Ikwen Hardened Fighters (15mm Loud Ninja Games)

Black Friday Event Offers! (Save up to 50% on these codes) 
These are on our Events and Bundles page with all the other bundles. 

5024 Escape the Dark Czar (Flintloque Beginners Set) 
59523 Abandoned Beer Wagon 
VLE13 Gnomish Notary 

EH01 Flower of Evil (Monster Plant) 
VNT31-05 Liche Lord (28mm Fantasy) 
VNT29-02 Stricken Adventurer (28mm Fantasy) 
VNT33 The Wyvern Kildane (28mm Fantasy) 

HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon (15mm Fantasy) 
HOT7 Giant (15mm Fantasy) 
HOT30 War Elephant (15mm Fantasy) 
HOT31 War Mammoth (15mm Fantasy) 

V007 Scythe Jet Copter (15mm Sci-fi) 
HOF51 Grey Alien Landing Party (15mm Sci-fi) 
HOF50 Grey Alien Flying Saucer (15mm Sci-fi) 

ER28 Wolf Hounds (Erin 28mm) 
ER29 Venom Pigs (Erin 28mm) 
ER30 Wolves (Erin 28mm) 

Plus twenty plus more big bundles of 15mm and 28mm fantasy and others including Ganesha Games, Asgard and more. Mega Savings!

Cyber Monday Mega Digital Event! (25% off all our digital download books for 24hrs) 
For one day only we are going to reduce the prices of all our paid for PDF books by twenty five percent on our Digital Downloads page. Flintloque, Slaughterloo, Furioso, Sulphur and all the others. Cyber Monday 27th November only. 

If you have not already done so we urge you to go to our website home page, scroll to the bottom and join our mailing list through the box provided there. We are featuring an email only bonus blister offer which you can find out about if you are on the mailing list. You must be on the list to get it. You will also not miss out on all the new releases and fun as we send out each day's new release and news. 

Lastly if you wish to combine orders with our little sister site The Ion Age then you can and you get access to the offers and free shipping. Send an email to and list out all the codes you want from both websites along with your address and your paypal email. We will respond and send you an invoice to pay. Easy! 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the biggest event of the year! 


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Outworld 2114AD a free campaign setting book for USEME by Vic Dobson

Written by wargamer Vic Dobson we are proud to present to you for free download a thirty four page book called Outworld 2114AD War in the Darkness.  This is a campaign setting for USEME particularly for UM001 15mm Science Fiction and UM006 Starship Battles.  It contains many things including an introduction, setting, special rules, starship design and lots of scenarios.  It can be played with any of your suitable miniatures including those from the HOF and Laserburn ranges for the ground action.  Go HERE for the free book plus the USEME Range of titles as paid for downloads.

One of my fondest creations as a humble creator of wargaming content and books is USEME.  The 'Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements' system has a dozen titles to its name and in print and download has been all over the world with eight thousand copies sold since first release.  I have played and seen played games with USEME from five 15mm figures a side to five hundred at conventions.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Starships, Zombies and more and all really easy plus without a setting you can fit them to your own wants.  Author of USEME Gavin Syme (GBS)

Outworld 2114AD War in the Darkness
by Vic Dobson
Welcome to Outworld 2114.AD, a setting for USE ME 15mm Sci-Fi and USE ME Starship Battles. Within this title you will find all you need to fight the battles for Humanity's survival in the near future. This document does not repeat the basic rules as used in USE ME 15mm and SSB but instead replaces some parts and adds to or removes others. To help in understanding the changes made this document in arranged as per the USE ME rules, with any changes made described when required. Part 1 is USE ME SSB and is dealt with first; Part 2 is USE ME 15mm Sci-Fi. Get the free book from us by clicking HERE for the download from our website.  This is one of the biggest give away titles we have ever hosted.

We have another bundle of free fun for USEME by Vic Dobson for you to download from back in July!

USEME Mini-Campaign, 16 Scenarios and Map Bundle
Written by Vic Dobson the mega bundle is a fantastic free edifice of USEME scenarios and more. Sixteen single and loosely linked scenarios.  The Battle of Beta Carotene, Tiger Run, Recon Run, The Raid, Bug Hunt (parts 1,2,3,4), Battle of the Spanners, The Patrol, The Valley of Death, A Bun in the Over, Run Fat Boy Run, A Fistful of Credits, Wendigo and lastly Night Flight to Mandagora.  On top of this is the mini-campaign called Smash and Grab.  There is also the space map that goes with all the scenarios and shows the factions. This is a mighty mountain of free gaming material lovingly assembled for your enjoyment with every scenario being fairly small scale with a playing time of ten to forty minutes.  They make use of Alternative Armies miniatures in the pictures and of Vic's own table layouts and graphics.  Click HERE to download the free mini-campaign and fourteen scenario plus map bundle from our website as a zip file.  Enjoy!

There are more than dozen titles in the USEME Series with more to come.  Written by authors including Gavin Syme (GBS), Omer Golan Joel, Kurt Benson, Bob McAlister and Alex Scott.  If you click on your chosen title on our website you can learn all about it, what period it covers, its contents, a short article on it and pictures of pages too. Do you Want a Set of Wargame Rules that are Fun, Simple and Elegant? That are used all over the World and take only minutes to learn?  Look no further!

UM001 15mm Science Fiction
UM002 15mm Fantasy
UM003 World War Two
UM004 Modern Warfare
UM005 American Civil War
UM006 Starship Battles
UM007 Post Apocalyptic
UM008 Wild West
UM009 Zombie Dawn
UM010 Support Pack (Expansion)
UM011 Cyberpunk
UM013 Eldritch Horror

We offer the whole range as great value digital downloads which you are free to print for your own use.  Every download contains the book, its covers plus an 'ease print' version for simple printing at home. At just 3.00GBP price for a set of rules immediate...its awesome!  Go HERE.

Well done Vic and thanks everyone for reading,


Monday, 6 November 2017

Gingerbread Men, Jack Frost and HOTT Army join the 15mm Festive Range!

The seasonal range in 15mm scale at Alternative Armies has expanded with two new packs as well as a new whole range sampler and a complete HOTT 24AP Army too!  Over the last three years we have brought you Evil Snowmen, Killer Xmas Trees, Abominable Snow Monsters and Psycho Presents all in 15mm scale.  Now we have Brutal Gingerbread Men and Jack Frost!  Get a whole force for festive fun. Go HERE or read on for more information.

With all of the codes, except for Jack Frost, you can purchase a pack or you can get a bumper pack with a saving.   The HOTT Army comes with all the miniatures and element bases you need as well.  Here are the new codes:

SN2017 Seasonal Fun Sampler
This collection code gives you one of every pose in the whole SN Xmas 15mm Range. The pack contains five SN01 Evil Snowmen in five poses, three SN02 Killer Xmas Trees in three poses, two SN03 Abominable Snow Monsters in two different poses plus a separate sprue of Christmas hats, SN04 Psycho Presents five poses, Brutal Gingerbread Men in four poses and lastly one Jack Frost.  Everything we have in 15mm scale. Unique and fun with a lot of uses from a festive themed army to a post apocalypse campaign, arctic warfare or even science fiction and more you can get into this range here. This collected code saves you 10% off single purchases.

SN06 Jack Frost
This code contains one 15mm scale white metal miniature. The legendary magical Jack Frost who is a suitable leader for your festive force.  Posed leaping into action pointing and holding his staff he is approx 30mm long and 20mm tall.

SN05 Brutal Gingerbread
This code contains four different 15mm scale white metal miniatures. Our rather vicious Gingerbread Men suitable for any festive themed scenario or army. Each of them stands about 9mm tall and poses are with sword, with spear and shield, with axe and lastly with blunderbuss. You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister (Gingerbread Horde) where you get 20 Random Mixed Men with a 10% saving. 

HOTT1023 Xmas Army
This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Christmas Army.  Miniatures taken from the SN Range and are 15mm scale and white metal. This Army Pack contains all needed element bases.

Magician General (Jack Frost) @ 4AP (1) (1 Festive Deity)(B1) 
Behemoth (Abominable Snowmen) @ 4AP (1) (2 Monsters)(B1) 
Shooters (Psyco Presents) @2AP (2) (6 Magic Presents) (D2) 
Lurkers (Xmas Trees) @1AP (2) (6 Killer Trees) (C2) 
Warbands (Gingerbread Men) @2AP (3) (12 Baked Warriors) (D3) 
Hordes (Snowmen) @1AP (4) (20 Frozen Water Fighters) (C4)  

See the whole range HERE on the website and check out the existing codes too.  Here they are:

SN04 Psycho Presents
This code contains five different 15mm scale white metal miniatures. Our armed to the teeth animated wrapped presents suitable for any festive themed scenario or army. Each of them stands about 10mm tall and poses are pointing Sten Gun, holding Blunderbuss, Polearm, firing Sten Gun and Machine Pistol. You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister (Psycho Present Sack) where you get 20 Random Mixed Presents with a 10% saving. 

SN03 Abominable Snow Monsters
This code contains two 15mm scale white metal miniatures in two poses. These are both one piece and come with a separate sprue of two Christmas Hats which may be mounted on the miniatures or left off. Abominable Snow Monsters approx 35mm tall these creatures are covered in fur and have sharp claws and even sharper teeth. Unique and fun with a lot of uses from a festive themed army to a post apocalypse campaign, arctic warfare or even science fiction and more these beasts will add some scare to your games. You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister it code contains six 15mm scale white metal miniatures.

SN02 Killer Xmas Trees
This code contains five 15mm scale white metal miniatures in three poses. From one side these approx 22mm tall trees are nice and friendly with sparkly baubles and paper bands adorning them but turn them around and horror they are all teeth and doom! Unique and fun with a lot of uses from a festive themed army to a post apocalypse campaign and more these monsters will get your opponent's attention for sure. They go great with our Evil Snowmen. You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister (Killer Xmas Tree Forest) where you get 10 Random Mixed Trees with a 10% saving. 

SN01 Evil Snowmen
This code contains five different 15mm scale white metal miniatures. Our not so friendly snowmen suitable for any festive themed scenario or army. Each of them stands about 10mm tall and poses are hat with hatchet, top hat and candy cane, wool hat and rifle, saucepan and scarf, severed head and knife.You can choose a pack or choose the Value Blister (Evil Snowmen Horde) where you get 20 Random Mixed Snowmen with a 10% saving.   

We have some free scenarios for USEME 15mm science fiction featuring Snowmen, Trees and more. They are great fun. Go to the USEME page of our website and download Bundle One to get all of the festive scenarios or if you don't want to wait just click HERE for the zip file as a direct download from us.

A Merry Festivemass to one and all in 15mm scale from all of us at Alternative Armies.


Friday, 3 November 2017

Ogre Captain Schlager released with free article for Flintloque

A brand new miniature for use in Flintloque and Slaughterloo now released at Alternative Armies.  Introducing 56115 Captain Schlager of the Krautian Giant Legion (KGL) a part of the Army of Greate Britorcn.  Exiled from their homeland of Hunvaria after it was annexed by the Emperor Mordred the KGL are veteran soldiers and some of the finest which can be called upon by Kyng Gorge.  Well most of them.  Captain Schlager is something of a ruffian and not keen on following orders.  Go HERE for the miniature or click HERE for a free Uniformation article download with rules and more from our website.  Thanks!

56115 KGL Captain Schlager
This pack contains one 28mm scale multiple part resin miniature depicting an officer in the ranks of the Krautian Giant Legion (KGL). Captain Schlager comes as a body, a head, a left arm and a right arm which is approx 40mm tall when assembled. He is in the uniform of the KGL and wears a great coat; armed with a stone club and a Kannonderbuss. There is a degree of pose in the neck and arms.  This miniature can be used as part of the KGL or as a Deserter in Obidiahs Army or as a freebooter in Catalucia or Central Urop.  Ogrus Schlager is a bully and a thief who has risen through to the level of Captain by thuggery and guile plus a couple of 'accidents' in the field happening to those who got in his way.  

You can also purchase this miniature pro-painted and based for play here in Scotland for immediate use just select that option on the page.  Supplied with a 30mm square cartouche style resin base.  Assembly is require of a low complexity.  5.00GBP per pack. Go HERE.

Above are scale shots with Elf and Ogre from 5024 Escape the Dark Czar beginners set for Flintloque.

Uniformation – 56115 KGL Captain Schlager
Download a free Uniformation article which contains fiction, background and rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo plus images for this miniature.  It is hosted on our website and you can get it by clicking HERE.  We have a vast amount of free files for you which you can get by going to our FREE DOWNLOADS page.

You can learn all about Catalucia and the Krautian Giant Legion with the 5025 War in Catalucia for Flintloque, 5028 Bier & Bones plus 5030 Slaughterloo titles.  Get playing in the hot dust of the land of the Dark Elves or in Central Urop.  Go HERE.

We have a trio of Weekly Deals which run Monday to Sunday each week. Each week three different offers all at 20% off normal price for a code in that range on all of its options including painted and ready for play as well as whole units if applicable. We have a Flintloque code deal, a High Fantasy code deal and a 15mm scale code deal. Get something for your wargaming and check them out every Monday when they change. HERE. We also have a Latest Releases page where all of our codes from about the last six to ten weeks of releases are sited as well as in their own pages. If you want to see what Alternative Armies has been doing it is a great place to start. All of our ranges, all our game systems, 28mm and 15mm. All HERE

Thanks for Reading, 


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

1st Pugglesberg Jagers by Andy Jefcoate

Woo ha ha! The fifth in a series of linked Flintloque articles by Andy Jefcoate about his forays in the Witchlands and in Flintloque. If you missed the first to forth articles where he got his starter set and then tried it out followed by a nail biter of a scenario and added to his cavalry then you can read them on our blog HERE. In this article he creates his own new unit with characters and unique rules. With pictures of his own painted collection. Read on and enjoy! GBS 

The 1st Pugglesberg Jagers

Those of you who read my last article will know that I'm currently working on some cavalry for my Flintloque forces. They are coming along well and will be the subject of a future article, but then an email arrived in my in-box about the next Alternative Armies release................Dogmen Pugs

My pre-order was in straight away and as the release date was only a few days away they arrived very quickly. They are excellent. As you know I'm a big fan of Dogmen figures and the character of these is great, with a fantastic number of poses and great detail. As my interest is the Witchlands they were easy to add in with my other Confederation of Finklestein forces. The 1st Pugglesberg Jagers were formed..............


Following the vicious Haarausfall War against the Confederation of Finklestein, and despite the fact that the Ostarian Forces were victorious there were some Pugs who defected. While in Ostaria they were ridiculed for their size they hoped for better treatment amongst the various races in the Confederation. They were welcomed and allowed to set up the town of Pugglesberg but as former enemies were understandably treated with some suspicion.

Hanz Wolfe, a captain in the Finklestein Dogman Regular Infantry was impressed with their confidence and strength and when Finklestein sent forces to the Witchlands he raised the 1st Pugglesberg Jagers at his own cost. The Pugs were happy to join up and prove their worth.

All went well at first. There is continual banter between units in the Finklestein forces due to their diversity, and despite being given the nickname of the 'ankle shredders' by the regular Dogmen, the 1st Pugglesberg Jagers fit in well. All units struggled in the cold and snowy conditions of the Witchlands but it was after the retreat from Moscova started that things went wrong. Due to the deep snow the Pugs couldn't keep up and were left behind. Captain Wolfe kept his troops together but despite seeing off regular attacks by Graviski Line Infantry and Zombiski Cossacks their numbers were slowly reducing.

It was at this point when all seemed lost that they were assisted by an unlikely source. They came across Johan, a Dwarf Woodsman who had been acting as a guide for the Ferach forces but who had been knocked unconscious in a skirmish and left for dead. They brought him into their camp and gladly shared their dwindling rations with him. In return he has shared his considerable survival skills with them and shown them how to set ambushes for the dead. 

Their favourite trick is to use their small size to hide in snow drifts, allowing the enemy to get really close before unleashing a devastating volley. The tables had turned!  

Rules for Flintloque

Captain Wolfe (Section Leader) is an Experienced / Regular / Elite Dogman armed with a sword and standard pistol. He has the traits Quick Reflexes and Nerves of Steel.

Johan is classed as a Dwarf Veteran / Light trooper armed with an axe. Due to his skills as a Woodsman if he is outdoors and uses a slow march or a half step march he cannot be seen by an enemy over 30cm away.

For the Pugs I use the stats for Dwarf Regular Infantry as is recommended for Von Mohnblume Ostarian Pug Infantry. They have a Lieutenant (second) armed with a sword and standard pistol, a sergeant with a halberd, a standard bearer, a drummer and the troopers are all armed with Dwarf MkII Muskets.

Their uniforms consist of dark blue tunics, white breeches, a black tricorne and black shoes with gold buckles. The facing colour is yellow. Their equipment is black with straps of white leather.  

Special deployment: To play an ambush scenario with the Pugs concealed in the snow I use round counters to represent the Pug force lying in wait (I put a number on the underside so that I know which is which but my opponent doesn't). They count as in heavy cover until they fire or move, or until they are hit by enemy fire or charged. This is to represent how well they are hidden rather than the protection given by the snow itself!

My Ongoing Narrative

Saindoux's force has encountered the Pugs on the march and in conjunction with the Ferach Carabinier they have set ambushes for the pursuing undead forces. Their skills have been a great asset to Saindoux while the larger force now under his overall command boosts the chances of them all surviving long enough to reach safety. Only time will tell.................... 

How did they get on in the early games

The hidden rules work well against undead infantry as they are generally not very good at shooting and slow to advance. I like to let the enemy get close before making an Aimed shot with the Pugs. You have to be careful about letting them get too close though in case you miss and because zombies can take a bit of damage and keep going! I tend to use them in teams of two, both firing at the same target. As a precaution Captain Wolfe and Johan are kept behind the main line and can pile in to help finish off the enemy that survive in close combat!

By using the stats for dwarves, they are not the quickest but can stand their ground against the Dark Czars forces. Using their hidden deployment is fun and something different to try as part of a larger force either as the vanguard, rearguard or perhaps guarding a flank. 

Thank you for reading.


Friday, 27 October 2017

Madame Boniface wishes you a Gruesome Halloween Weekend!

Spooky times abound upon this all hallows weekend. A time of frights, scares, horror movies and gaming (candy and sweets for the nippers instead) and at Alternative Armies we are having a gruesomely good time playing games of Flintloque in the snows of the Witchlands. We want to share the fun with all of you so to that end we have a weekend offer. All 28mm scale including orders placed on our website or by email until midnight 30th October GMT which are of 10.00GBP or more product in the cart will automatically get the 28mm scale Madame Boniface miniature (worth 2.50GBP) included for FREE in the package. Freaky Fine! Go to the website HERE and browse! 

So. Until midnight 30th October 2017 any order placed with Alternative Armies which is 10GBP or more in the cart gets you Madame Boniface for free automatically put in the package. But who is Madame Boniface? 

5005J Madame Boniface 
This code is taken from the Lady Wintermores Fangs box set of characters for use in Flintloque. It is a one piece 28mm scale white metal miniature of a Skeleton wearing a ball gown with a mask half covering its face. She is the confidante of the Vampyre Lamia Wintermore and her bodyguard too acting undercover at regal events and balls in the city of Moskova. An excellent miniature for many settings in your collection. Supplied unpainted with a square cartouche style resin base. Go HERE and select 5005J or HERE for it on its own. Price 2.50GBP 

5005 Lady Wintermores Fangs 
While the Grande Armee Du Norde is laid waste outside the Dark Czar's capital city Moskova the Emperor Mordred has just escaped the clutches of the Wintermore family of Vampyres...other Ferach officers are now trapped in the Undead infested streets. The Lady Wintermores Fangs scenario box set contains sixteen different 28mm scale white metal character miniatures as well as their bases and a thirty page booklet with profiles, story and statistics to play a scenario arc in Flintloque. You can purchase the box set or get it pro-painted and based and now you may select single miniatures from the box set too just by choosing what you want on the page from the option buttons. Go HERE and have a look. 

Download Lady Wintermore's Fangs updated to 3rd edition free at Orcs in the Webbe! 
Updated by Craig Andrews this new vision of the 5005 booklet can be found HERE. Enjoy!

55016 Lady Rosafiend
The nemesis of Lamia Wintermore is the temptress and seductive Lady Rosafiend. The cause of the Emperor Mordred's fever dreams and now she can be yours too!  Go HERE.  2.50GBP.

Get into Flintloque the skirmish the best alternate history fantasy black powder skirmish game there is with 5024 Escape the Dark Czar! A set with a core booklet along with ten miniatures, bases and dice. Your entry into the World of Valon and a massive range of miniatures and titles built up over more than fifteen years. From this starting point you can go in any direction from continuing the fight in the Witchlands to the dusty lands of Catalucia or the rolling fields of Urop marching with or against the eagle banners of the Emperor Mordred and his blue coated Elves. 

The bitter retreat from Moskova is where you begin your adventure. Take command of General de Brigade Hugo Saindoux and his three fellow survivors as they attempt to evade death and escape from the Witchlands. On their heels are a group of Savant Zombies, the finest Undead in the ranks of the Dark Czar, who are led by Captain Preserovitch. Their task is to capture the golden eagle standard carried by the young Elven drummer boy Ayers Quinte de Toux. Will the survivors outwit the living dead? In this set is a twenty page booklet containing the core rules of Flintloque the Skirmish which will get you playing as well as character profiles and three introductory scenarios as well as the story of the Witchlands campaign. Written by Gavin Syme (GBS) Ten high quality resin 28mm miniatures are in the set designed by Sam Croes. Four mortals (An Elf, young Elf, Dogman and Ogre) and six Savant Zombies. Ten bases for your miniatures and two percentile dice. All you need to get playing and to begin your adventures in Flintloque. Go HERE

Thanks for Reading, 


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

TOR5 The Garrotte Chair added to the Torture Chamber range

As the winter draws near it is nice to be back in the dungeon next to the glowing coals and the roaring...pain..well fire. A classic code now returned to the Torture Chamber Collection at Alternative Armies. Suitable for 25mm or 28mm scale for any suffering system or diorama use you can get TOR5 The Garrotte Chair as a pack or parts of it just like all the other codes in the range. Go HERE or read on for more. 

Excellent for roleplay, dungeon crawl, dioramas and wargaming you can purchase the packs or parts of them if you just want some of the furniture or the people from them. Thus far we have the following. The Whipping Beam, The Cage, The Rack, The Branding Iron, The High Inquisitor on Throne, The Snake Pit (2017 version) as well as The Iron Maiden and The Wall. Now a chair no one wants to sit in! 

TOR5 The Garrotte Chair 
This is a seat you refuse if it is proffered. This pack contains the following pieces all in white metal. The Torturer in apron, the Victim in sitting position, the front and rear of the chair, the torture neck fittings and the winding wheel. This code requires some skill to assemble. This pack is 25mm scale and you can choose to purchase one pack or three packs with a saving or parts these being only the Chair with Victim or the Torturer only. 5.00GBP per pack. Go HERE

Below are pictures of the other codes in the range at this time. Go HERE.

We will have further TOR releases which are being readied now and we thank you for your support in bringing this range back to reality. 

Thanks for Reading,