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Thursday, 17 August 2017

HOT113 Skeletal Artillery now released!

“The Necromancer stood tall atop a throne of skulls carried by a dozen long dead minions who shuffle forward at his command.  Ahead the last citadel of the Elves resists the remorseless advance of his army.  Its walls are thick and strong no number of Zombies and Skeletons can ascend it to slaughter all within.  They feel safe those lithe mortals but they are not.  Booming retorts announce the arrival of the artillery of the damned.  A line of cannons belching jets of grey smoke as their iron shots hammer the citadel.  Soon, soon.  Soon the Elves will be dead and the army will grow larger once more.” 

Now released at Alternative Armies into the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range is the one hundred and thirteenth pack and it is for the forces of the Undead.  This adds to all the other packs for the Undead for use in any 15mm wargame system and gives you some long range firepower!  Go HERE or read on for more.

HOT113 Skeletal Artillery
15mm Scale Miniatures. Great for any Undead Army which has need of artillery in the form of a Cannon with Skeletal Crew.  Goes great with our other Undead codes such as HOT99 Eternal Guard, HOT40 Skeleton Archers, HOT41 Skeleton Spears or HOT14 Hordes of the Dead. This code contains three 15mm scale Skeleton gunners in three poses plus a cannon kit with heavy barrel and large wheels. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures. Shown on 59020 20mm square bases. Go HERE.

Undead Codes in the HOT Range
We have other packs which can field you a fantastic force of 15mm Skeletons, Zombies, Ghouls, Ghosts and more.  Click HERE to go to the website and then see all of the codes below.

HOT100 Ghoul Dragon (1 Monster)
HOT55 Cadaver Giant (1 Monster)
HOT22 Plague of Bats (18 Miniatures)
HOT67 Were Monsters (2 Creatures)

HOT21 Zombie Horde (16 Miniatures)
HOT98 Skeltaur Cavalry (6 Miniatures)
HOT99 Eternal Guard (16 Miniatures) (Pictured above)
HOT41 Skeleton Spears (16 Miniatures)
HOT40 Skeleton Archers (16 Miniatures)
HOT95 Ghosts (10 Miniatures)
HOT83 Undead Command (16 Pieces)
HOT74 Wraith Lord
HOT12 Ghoul, Wraith and Skeleton Knight (16 Miniatures)
HOT13 Undead Chariot (1 Vehicle)
HOT14 Hordes of the Dead (16 Pieces)
HOT24 Undead Cavalry (6 Miniatures)
HOT36 Wraith Cavalry (6 Miniatures)
HOT64 Cadaver Zombie (10 Miniatures)
HOT63 Catapult with Undead Crew (1 Kit)
HOT111 Dem Bones (10 Pieces mixed Skeletons, Skulls and more)

HOTT 24AP Armies for the Undead
We have three ready made army packs for the Undead which come with all the needed miniatures and element bases included.  They offer a small saving and they can be purchased painted and based for immediate play if you wish on the page.  Click on the army to go to the website.

This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Undead Army.  Miniatures taken from the HOT Range and are 15mm scale and white metal. This code contains the following miniatures: 1 Mounted Necromancer (HOT74), 3 Wraiths (HOT12), 3 Ghouls (HOT12), 6 Undead Cavalry (HOT36), 35 Skeleton Warriors (HOT14).

This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Undead Army.  Miniatures taken from the HOT Range and are 15mm scale and white metal. This code contains the following miniatures: 1 Mounted Necromancer (HOT24), 3 Wraiths (HOT11), 6 Bats (HOT22), 6 Undead Knights (HOT12), 25 Shambling Zombies HOT21), 1 Cadaver Giant (HOT55).

This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Undead army.  Miniatures taken from the HOT Range and are 15mm scale and white metal. This code contains the following miniatures: 1 Undead General on Horse (HOT83), 1 Undead Mage on Horse with Zombie Vulture (HOT83), 2 Undead Chariots with Drivers (HOT13), 8 Skeletons with Bows (HOT40), 16 Skeletons with Spears, Standards, Musicians (HOT41, HOT83).

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Free Worldwide Shipping until Friday 11th August 2017!

It is the peak of summer (in Scotland the rain is now warm!) and as the final stage of the merger of 15mmcouk back into Alternative Armies we are holding a free worldwide event for a week.  Now on!  Just add to cart.  This event includes The Ion Age.  Once ended we will be shutting down the 15mmcouk website and re-directing the domain to Alternative Armies.  All orders for any of our miniatures, books, wargaming supplies and more (including our digital downloads) of 15GBP or more are free shipping worldwide.  Go HERE or HERE and have a browse or read on for more details.

From now until 9am GMT Saturday 12th August 2017 we are having a free worldwide postage on all orders over 15.00GBP in product value!  This applies to our two websites and all our 6mm, 15mm and 28mm miniatures and game systems in fact everything on our websites you can put in your cart.  All you need to do is add to the cart and the website will do the rest.  Click on the links to go to each site.  As many orders as you like to anywhere in the world.  Remember that any special offers that are currently running are included in this promotion!

So if you like Flintloque, High Fantasy, Ganesha Games and other 28mm scale ranges such as Grinning Skull and Asgard check out Alternative Armies and use the links along the top of the site to browse the massive choice that there is.  Oh and check out our weekly deals too with 20% off plus our Collected Bundles which have the biggest saving and a great way to get everything in one click.

If you like 15mm scale including HOT Fantasy, HOB 15mm Fantasy Buildings, Sengoku Japanese Fantasy, TTF Fantasy, HOF Science Fiction, Asgard and SHM, Laserburn, Loud Ninja Games, Altuos Renaissance, Pony Wars and ACW, Isarus Dark Age, Medus Medieval along with 6mm sci-fi and a lot more go to their links on the Alternative Armies website through the drop down menu "Our 15mm Scale Ranges".

Space Opera science fiction wargamers should look to the unique range and setting of The Ion Age for excellent miniatures, vehicles and rule systems by Gavin Syme (GBS) and Sam Croes.

Combining Orders
Our two websites are having a free postage event.  If you place an order for more then fifteen pounds (15.00GBP) the shopping cart will automatically give you free shipping worldwide. While the vast majority of wargamers are happy to place orders in this way we know that some of you would like to place a combined order by email and receive a paypal invoice to pay.  This is totally fine with us and here is what to do for a combined order by email.  Firstly choose your point of contact.  Is it Alternative Armies or The Ion Age?  Choose one and email us on or  Make your email title 'combined order' and give us your name, your shipping address, your paypal email address and a list of codes and quantities that you want to order from across our ranges.  We will then reply with a total and a paypal invoice.  You will get the last free monthly miniature IMP48 if you have Ion Age codes and you will get any other items offered free if applicable from the other websites if you have codes from its ranges in your order.  

We typically reply quickly but be assured you WILL NOT miss the free postage on your combined order as we will honour it as long as your email comes in to us before the offer ends. 

Thanks and enjoy the event!

Gavin Syme (GBS)

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

TOR6 The High Inquisitor on Throne released

This week we release the six re-molded set in the classic Torture Chamber Collection 25mm / 28mm scale back from the dawning days of the 1980's.  A range of high quality white metal and resin dungeon, wargame and collector scenics and characters.  Adding to the the Rack, the Cage, Branding Iron and the Whipping Beam we present The High Inquisitor!  Go HERE for the Torture Chamber Collection page or read on.  Note this collection contains adult themes and the images on our blog and social media are censored with our website showing the original images.

"Bring him before me.  Kneel before the Inquisitor on high!"

The Torture Chamber Collection was originally seen in the early 1980's from Tabletop Miniatures and there are many more sets from it to come from us when they are back in production.  We aim to get them out regularly as this task continues.  The Torture Chamber miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the product menu on our website's pages. Choose from a pack or three packs with a 10% saving applied. You can also choose to purchase poses or parts from the packs as shown on their own.  Go HERE.

TOR6 The High Inquisitor on Throne
This diorama set is composed of four white metal and resin 25mm scale parts.  These are the stone platform, the throne chair, the Inquisitor and the arm of the Inquisitor.  Excellent for dungeon crawl or diorama use.  

Here are the other codes in TOR which are on the website right now:

TOR4 The Branding Iron
This diorama set is composed of four white metal 25mm scale parts. These are the table of implements, the burning coal brazier, the Female Torturer with hot poker and length of chain and lastly semi nude Female prisoner in rags with manacle on wrist (chain and manacle join up as shown if wished). 

TOR3 The Rack
This diorama set is composed of seven white metal 25mm scale parts. These are the rack body which features a semi-nude female victim, rack front legs, rack rear legs, crank wheels on either side as well as the Torturer and the Inquisitor. 

TOR2 The Cage Set
This diorama set is composed of ten white metal 25mm scale parts.  These parts are the pillar, the rope, the clamp, cage top, cage bottom, four cage sides and the prisoner in the cage.  

TOR1 The Whipping Beam
This diorama set is composed of seven white metal 25mm scale parts. These are the pillar, the pillar base, the restraining rope, the hook mount, the hand restraints the Captive Nude Woman and the Whipmaster..

We have a trio of Weekly Deals which run Monday to Sunday each week.  Each week three different offers all at 20% off normal price for a code in that range on all of its options including painted and ready for play as well as whole units if applicable.  We have a Flintloque code deal, a High Fantasy code deal and a 15mm scale code deal.  Get something for your wargaming and check them out every Monday when they change.  HERE.  We also have a Latest Releases page where all of our codes from about the last six to ten weeks of releases are sited as well as in their own pages.  If you want to see what Alternative Armies has been doing it is a great place to start.  All of our ranges, all our game systems, 28mm and 15mm.  All HERE.

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Friday, 28 July 2017

USEME Mini Campaign and 16 Scenario free mega bundle by Vic Dobson

One of my fondest creations as a humble creator of wargaming content and books is USEME.  The 'Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements' system has a dozen titles to its name and in print and download has been all over the world with eight thousand copies sold since first release.  I have played and seen played games with USEME from five 15mm figures a side to five hundred at conventions.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Starships, Zombies and more and all really easy plus without a setting you can fit them to your own wants.  

One of the firmest fans of USEME has agreed to make a massive bundle of content he created for the game free to download from us here at Alternative Armies.  Mr Vic Dobson has a mini-campaign as well as a map and sixteen single scenarios all in this bundle and it is meant for UM001 USEME 15mm Science Fiction and UM006 USEME Starship Battles.  Go HERE for the USEME page on our website and read on for the download link and an offer on some miniatures which feature in the range.

USEME Mini-Campaign, 16 Scenarios and Map Bundle
Written by Vic Dobson the mega bundle is a fantastic free edifice of USEME scenarios and more. Sixteen single and loosely linked scenarios.  The Battle of Beta Carotene, Tiger Run, Recon Run, The Raid, Bug Hunt (parts 1,2,3,4), Battle of the Spanners, The Patrol, The Valley of Death, A Bun in the Over, Run Fat Boy Run, A Fistful of Credits, Wendigo and lastly Night Flight to Mandagora.  On top of this is the mini-campaign called Smash and Grab.  There is also the space map that goes with all the scenarios and shows the factions. This is a mighty mountain of free gaming material lovingly assembled for your enjoyment with every scenario being fairly small scale with a playing time of ten to forty minutes.  They make use of Alternative Armies miniatures in the pictures and of Vic's own table layouts and graphics.

CLICK HERE to download the free mini-campaign and fourteen scenario plus map bundle from our dropbox as a zip file.  Enjoy!

There are more than dozen titles in the USEME Series with more to come.  Written by authors including Gavin Syme (GBS), Omer Golan Joel, Kurt Benson, Bob McAlister and Alex Scott.  If you click on your chosen title on our website you can learn all about it, what period it covers, its contents, a short article on it and pictures of pages too. Do you Want a Set of Wargame Rules that are Fun, Simple and Elegant? That are used all over the World and take only minutes to learn?  Look no further!

UM001 15mm Science Fiction
UM002 15mm Fantasy
UM003 World War Two
UM004 Modern Warfare
UM005 American Civil War
UM006 Starship Battles
UM007 Post Apocalyptic
UM008 Wild West
UM009 Zombie Dawn
UM010 Support Pack (Expansion)
UM011 Cyberpunk
UM013 Eldritch Horror

We offer the whole range as great value digital downloads which you are free to print for your own use.  Every download contains the book, its covers plus an 'ease print' version for simple printing at home.  We also have some A6 format printed versions.  At the cheaper just 3.00GBP price for a set of rules immediate...its awesome!  Go HERE.

USEME can be played with any suitable 15mm miniatures or miniature starships for this free bundle of files.  Miniatures from our HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range are always popular as are those from the classic Laserburn Range.  We also have some excellent Fleet Scale Mecha as well.  

To celebrate the mega bundle we have put an offer on our HOF Grey Aliens with their Landing Party and their Flying Saucer as well as our HOF Skimmers with SFA Riders and Skimmers with Rim Merc Riders.  All of these are 15% off their regular prices. Go HERE. Enjoy!

Excellent work by Vic and have fun with the free bundle and offers!

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Elf Vivandiere released for Flintloque along with free article

The final new release from Alternative Armies this month is for Flintloque (and Slaughterloo) and it is a single female 28mm white metal miniature. Following up on 59526 Elf Corpse Pile and 57801 Vistholwa Legion earlier this month. 51048 Elf Vivandiere or the carrier of the canteen is a special character to add to your Section or Units for bonuses in play if you field the Ferach Armee. As well as the release we have a free Uniformation article to download giving you game mechanics and more. Go HERE or read on for more. 

Added to the Elves of Armorica and good as a camp follower or Elvish civilian in its own right this lovely figure by Elton Waters. 

51048 Elf Vivandiere 
This pack contains a single 28mm scale white metal female Elf dressed in civilian clothing and carrying a wine barrel and tin mug. The canteen carrier sells sundries and such to Elf soldiers in the field and is well liked by the commanders of the Ferach Armee. You can learn more about Armorican Elves in 5025 Flintloque 3rd Edition War in Catalucia. There is a free Uniformation article with game mechanics in it. Suitable for use in any Fantasy 28mm game system. Go HERE. 2.00GBP 

Click HERE to download the Uniformation article from our dropbox for free. A one page official game mechanics and more article for Flintloque and Slaughterloo as well as uniform details and story too. Enjoy! 

We have other Elvish ladies and civilians for you too look at. These ones sculpted by Rob Alderman. 

51047 Elf Ladies 
Thee Female Miniatures. This pack contains three Elvish Ladies in white metal 28mm scale. Wearing dresses of the finest silks and cloth these three ladies represent youth, bloom and middle age giving many scenario uses. Go HERE. 7.00GBP A firm favourite among players of Slaughterloo this venerable set of miniatures has Elves and scenic items in it too. 

51503 Elf Field Hospital 
This code contains nine 28mm scale white metal pieces and is a collectors set with special uses in Slaughterloo and in your Flintloque scenarios. Contains Elvish Surgeon, Doctor, Sawbones, Two different Stretcher Bearers, the Stretcher and the Operating Table. Go HERE. 18.00GBP 

We have a trio of Weekly Deals which run Monday to Sunday each week. Each week three different offers all at 20% off normal price for a code in that range on all of its options including painted and ready for play as well as whole units if applicable. We have a Flintloque code deal, a High Fantasy code deal and a 15mm scale code deal. Get something for your wargaming and check them out every Monday when they change. HERE. We also have a Latest Releases page where all of our codes from about the last six to ten weeks of releases are sited as well as in their own pages. If you want to see what Alternative Armies has been doing it is a great place to start. All of our ranges, all our game systems, 28mm and 15mm. All HERE

Thanks for Reading, 


Monday, 24 July 2017

Early Pursuit in the Witchlands a Flintloque article by Andy Jefcoate

Huzzah! The second in a series of linked Flintloque articles by Andy Jefcoate about his new forays in the Witchlands.  If you missed the first article where he got his starter set then you can read in our blog HERE.  In this article he takes to the frozen retreat and seeks out adventure. With pictures of his own painted collection. Read on and enjoy!  GBS

Early Pursuit in the Witchlands 

Having bought the excellent 5024 Escape from the Dark Czar starter set and having played the three enclosed scenarios using the included Flintloque core rules; I was hooked. The scenarios use all ten of the figures in the set and are great fun. You can pick up the basic rules quickly; although I realise I am still a beginner and there's a lot more to learn. 

Alternative Armies have released some excellent terrain items for Flintloque to go with these starter scenarios. There is set 5003A which includes small Stone Walls and a Camp Fire. This is excellent for Scenario One as the Ferach force begin the game sleeping in their camp and the Camp Fire makes a great central point to position your figures around. 

This scenario is indeed perfect for your first game. It is very simple with Saindoux's band waking to find that the zombies are almost on top of them! The aim is for 75% of the Ferach force to escape the playing area. The zombies don't move quickly, but this is no consolation when you are rolling dice to wake your characters and they don't want to know (Monday morning maybe?). This makes things tense and exciting. Don't forget that as a last resort a character that is awake can drag a sleeping character 8cm, this probably saved Ayers in my first game; but that's teenagers for you!

Scenario Two in Escape the Dark Czar brings another item of terrain into play as the Ferach force needs to collect resources from an abandoned cart while fending off the zombies. For your centre piece you can use set 59523 Abandoned Beer Wagon or set 59524 Abandoned Provisions Wagon. Either would be great but I was drawn to the Beer Wagon (not for the first but time!). These are lovely models in resin and the details are superb. They can be painted up quickly and help to build the narrative of these scenarios. As you can see from the attached picture I've made use of some bottles from the BS17 Glass Bottles sprue when preparing the beer wagon for painting which just adds a personal touch to this fine model.

Scenario Two is my favourite of the starter scenarios. Each of the Ferach characters has to collect food from the cart but you also need to inflict 50% casualties on the zombies without suffering 75% casualties yourself or the Undead win. The cart is great cover as otherwise there are only a few trees on the board. In my first game it was very crowded behind the cart, luckily there are no grenades or artillery available to the Savant Zombies....  When I get to Grapeshotte things will change!

The final game, Scenario Three it is a fight to the death between the two sides in snow covered ruins but with the added complication of the chance of damp powder the first time each weapon is fired. The walls that come along with the Camp Fire can be useful for some of the smaller ruins. Victory goes to the first side to kill 100% of the opposing force. Remember to not get too close before first firing your weapon or a misfire can result in a very bad day! In my first game the Dogman Hulmutt Jucken tried a shot at close range and was very lucky that Boell Umfrage the Ogre was nearby or he would have had to fight 2 Savant Zombies on his own. 

The scenarios are all very good and work perfectly with the figures in the set while letting you try the various aspects of the core rules. There are some handy counters to copy and use on the same page as scenario Three, and the final two pages of the book are pre-filled Roster Sheets for the two sections which give you all the stats you need to use in your games. 

I found that after painting the figures in the starter set and having played these initial games, I wasn't ready to abandon Saindoux and his band to their fate just yet and I wanted to continue the narrative.  I think this was the point of the starter set and I was hooked to find out what would happen next! Having survived the pursuit of Captain Preserovitch and his Savant zombies so far they are still deep in the Witchlands with a long way to travel to get to safety. I also wanted to expand both forces from the great ranges of figures available.

As I mentioned in my first article, I purchased a couple of figures from 56594 Witchlands Dogmen Line and the For Zombie Cossacks on foot from pack 55009. My plan was that as Saindoux's group and their pursuers travel through the Witchlands they gather others to them that they meet on their way. The Two Dogmen are Regular Infantry like Soldaten Hulmutt Jucken in the starter set, and likewise the Cossacks are Savant Zombies just like Captain Preserovitch's band. In the short term it is easy to use the stats on the starter set roster sheets to try the figures out as they meld right in.

While I was happy to continue to play Flintloque from the 5024 booklet for the time being, I wanted to know more about the game itself. Especially the other units and races that form the Grande Armee Du Norde and the Dark Czar's legions. I therefore decided to buy the 5026 Death In The Snow game book and purchased it as part of the Shilling Service Pack which gave me more miniature is great value.  Escape from the Dark Czar takes place in the same locations and time frame as the main game book. Once again I will let you know how I get on in the next article.

Thank you for reading. 


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Fantasy Warlord classic 28mm range at Alternative Armies

Now returned to Alternative Armies the classic blister pack range for Fantasy Warlord. A much loved high fantasy game system from 1990 for which Alternative Armies produced 28mm scale white metal miniatures. At popular request there is a new page on our website where you can find the Humans, Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and Dwarfs characters as well as multi packs of infantry and weapon sprues and shields; now back in production. Out picture shows 26000 Ogre Hero painted up by Alternative Armies studio. Go HERE or read on for more. 

The miniatures for this range are in three distinct sections. Characters, Multi-Packs and Weapons. We are using the original codes and here follows the list of what we have. Please note these miniatures use separate weapons and have integral bases (they are not 'slotta base' type figures) and while characters come with a weapon and sometimes a shield included the multi-packs do not come with weapons and you should choose the weapon sets you desire while ordering. Go HERE

Multipack Troops. Each of the packs listed here contains five 28mm scale white metal miniatures. These are one piece figures which are supplied without bases or weapons (except in the case of 16100 Ogres which are supplied with two sprues of Ogre Weapons). You should choose weapon sets for your chosen fantasy race while planning your forces. 

10000 Merchant Kingdoms Soldiers (5) 
10300 Soldiers of Carylls (5) 
10400 Scarlet Empire Soldiers (5) 
11000 High Elves (5) 
11500 Wood Elves (5) 
12000 Dwarf Warriors (5) 
13000 Western Goblins (5) 
14000 Western Orc Uruks (5) 
14600 Eastern Orcs (5) 
16100 Ogres (2) 

Characters. Each of the codes here is a single miniature in 28mm scale which is a special hero, wizard or other for a fantasy race. Each of these is supplied with weapon and (if applicable) a shield but with no bases. There are several weapon options for some characters and we will supply a random one for that code. 

20000 Hero of the Merchant Kingdoms 
20400 Hero of the Scarlet Empire 
20300 Hero of the Carylls 
20910 Western Wizard 
20911 Eastern Wizard 
20940 Western Warrior Priest 
22000 Dwarf Hero 
22910 Dwarf Wizard 
23000 Western Goblin Hero 
23910 Western Goblin Wizard 
24000 Western Orc Hero 
24910 Western Orc Wizard 
24901 Eastern Orc Hero 
24950 Western Orc Discipline Master 
21000 Elven Hero 
26000 Ogre Hero 

Weapons Pack. These weapon sets are 28mm white metal and can be used for any wargaming system. In this range these weapons are meant to be held by the figures in the Multi-Packs. Each weapon pack contains a number of different pieces. 

30001 Western Weapons 
30002 Eastern Weapons 
30003 Dwarf Weapons 
30004 Goblin and Orc Weapons 
30005 Elven Weapons 

Shields Pack. There are two shield packs containing 28mm white metal shields for any wargame system. They are split into 'Good Orientation' and 'Evil Orientation' packs and you may select from the pack single shields. The codes for these are NEW CODES and this removal of shields from the weapon packs was done to aid wargamers in choosing their equipment for Multi-Packs as many wargamers did not wish for shields with the weapon sprues. This way a wargamer may choose any shield they wish in any quantity they desire. 

40001 Good Orientated Shields 
40002 Evil Orientated Shields 

You can click on the images above to see the whole range in two sheets taken from the Alternative Armies catalogue back in the early 1990's. Go HERE for the Fantasy Warlord range. 

Thanks for Reading,