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Thursday, 17 August 2017

HOT113 Skeletal Artillery now released!

“The Necromancer stood tall atop a throne of skulls carried by a dozen long dead minions who shuffle forward at his command.  Ahead the last citadel of the Elves resists the remorseless advance of his army.  Its walls are thick and strong no number of Zombies and Skeletons can ascend it to slaughter all within.  They feel safe those lithe mortals but they are not.  Booming retorts announce the arrival of the artillery of the damned.  A line of cannons belching jets of grey smoke as their iron shots hammer the citadel.  Soon, soon.  Soon the Elves will be dead and the army will grow larger once more.” 

Now released at Alternative Armies into the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range is the one hundred and thirteenth pack and it is for the forces of the Undead.  This adds to all the other packs for the Undead for use in any 15mm wargame system and gives you some long range firepower!  Go HERE or read on for more.

HOT113 Skeletal Artillery
15mm Scale Miniatures. Great for any Undead Army which has need of artillery in the form of a Cannon with Skeletal Crew.  Goes great with our other Undead codes such as HOT99 Eternal Guard, HOT40 Skeleton Archers, HOT41 Skeleton Spears or HOT14 Hordes of the Dead. This code contains three 15mm scale Skeleton gunners in three poses plus a cannon kit with heavy barrel and large wheels. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures. Shown on 59020 20mm square bases. Go HERE.

Undead Codes in the HOT Range
We have other packs which can field you a fantastic force of 15mm Skeletons, Zombies, Ghouls, Ghosts and more.  Click HERE to go to the website and then see all of the codes below.

HOT100 Ghoul Dragon (1 Monster)
HOT55 Cadaver Giant (1 Monster)
HOT22 Plague of Bats (18 Miniatures)
HOT67 Were Monsters (2 Creatures)

HOT21 Zombie Horde (16 Miniatures)
HOT98 Skeltaur Cavalry (6 Miniatures)
HOT99 Eternal Guard (16 Miniatures) (Pictured above)
HOT41 Skeleton Spears (16 Miniatures)
HOT40 Skeleton Archers (16 Miniatures)
HOT95 Ghosts (10 Miniatures)
HOT83 Undead Command (16 Pieces)
HOT74 Wraith Lord
HOT12 Ghoul, Wraith and Skeleton Knight (16 Miniatures)
HOT13 Undead Chariot (1 Vehicle)
HOT14 Hordes of the Dead (16 Pieces)
HOT24 Undead Cavalry (6 Miniatures)
HOT36 Wraith Cavalry (6 Miniatures)
HOT64 Cadaver Zombie (10 Miniatures)
HOT63 Catapult with Undead Crew (1 Kit)
HOT111 Dem Bones (10 Pieces mixed Skeletons, Skulls and more)

HOTT 24AP Armies for the Undead
We have three ready made army packs for the Undead which come with all the needed miniatures and element bases included.  They offer a small saving and they can be purchased painted and based for immediate play if you wish on the page.  Click on the army to go to the website.

This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Undead Army.  Miniatures taken from the HOT Range and are 15mm scale and white metal. This code contains the following miniatures: 1 Mounted Necromancer (HOT74), 3 Wraiths (HOT12), 3 Ghouls (HOT12), 6 Undead Cavalry (HOT36), 35 Skeleton Warriors (HOT14).

This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Undead Army.  Miniatures taken from the HOT Range and are 15mm scale and white metal. This code contains the following miniatures: 1 Mounted Necromancer (HOT24), 3 Wraiths (HOT11), 6 Bats (HOT22), 6 Undead Knights (HOT12), 25 Shambling Zombies HOT21), 1 Cadaver Giant (HOT55).

This HOTT Army Pack contains an entire Undead army.  Miniatures taken from the HOT Range and are 15mm scale and white metal. This code contains the following miniatures: 1 Undead General on Horse (HOT83), 1 Undead Mage on Horse with Zombie Vulture (HOT83), 2 Undead Chariots with Drivers (HOT13), 8 Skeletons with Bows (HOT40), 16 Skeletons with Spears, Standards, Musicians (HOT41, HOT83).

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Free Worldwide Shipping until Friday 11th August 2017!

It is the peak of summer (in Scotland the rain is now warm!) and as the final stage of the merger of 15mmcouk back into Alternative Armies we are holding a free worldwide event for a week.  Now on!  Just add to cart.  This event includes The Ion Age.  Once ended we will be shutting down the 15mmcouk website and re-directing the domain to Alternative Armies.  All orders for any of our miniatures, books, wargaming supplies and more (including our digital downloads) of 15GBP or more are free shipping worldwide.  Go HERE or HERE and have a browse or read on for more details.

From now until 9am GMT Saturday 12th August 2017 we are having a free worldwide postage on all orders over 15.00GBP in product value!  This applies to our two websites and all our 6mm, 15mm and 28mm miniatures and game systems in fact everything on our websites you can put in your cart.  All you need to do is add to the cart and the website will do the rest.  Click on the links to go to each site.  As many orders as you like to anywhere in the world.  Remember that any special offers that are currently running are included in this promotion!

So if you like Flintloque, High Fantasy, Ganesha Games and other 28mm scale ranges such as Grinning Skull and Asgard check out Alternative Armies and use the links along the top of the site to browse the massive choice that there is.  Oh and check out our weekly deals too with 20% off plus our Collected Bundles which have the biggest saving and a great way to get everything in one click.

If you like 15mm scale including HOT Fantasy, HOB 15mm Fantasy Buildings, Sengoku Japanese Fantasy, TTF Fantasy, HOF Science Fiction, Asgard and SHM, Laserburn, Loud Ninja Games, Altuos Renaissance, Pony Wars and ACW, Isarus Dark Age, Medus Medieval along with 6mm sci-fi and a lot more go to their links on the Alternative Armies website through the drop down menu "Our 15mm Scale Ranges".

Space Opera science fiction wargamers should look to the unique range and setting of The Ion Age for excellent miniatures, vehicles and rule systems by Gavin Syme (GBS) and Sam Croes.

Combining Orders
Our two websites are having a free postage event.  If you place an order for more then fifteen pounds (15.00GBP) the shopping cart will automatically give you free shipping worldwide. While the vast majority of wargamers are happy to place orders in this way we know that some of you would like to place a combined order by email and receive a paypal invoice to pay.  This is totally fine with us and here is what to do for a combined order by email.  Firstly choose your point of contact.  Is it Alternative Armies or The Ion Age?  Choose one and email us on or  Make your email title 'combined order' and give us your name, your shipping address, your paypal email address and a list of codes and quantities that you want to order from across our ranges.  We will then reply with a total and a paypal invoice.  You will get the last free monthly miniature IMP48 if you have Ion Age codes and you will get any other items offered free if applicable from the other websites if you have codes from its ranges in your order.  

We typically reply quickly but be assured you WILL NOT miss the free postage on your combined order as we will honour it as long as your email comes in to us before the offer ends. 

Thanks and enjoy the event!

Gavin Syme (GBS)

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

TOR6 The High Inquisitor on Throne released

This week we release the six re-molded set in the classic Torture Chamber Collection 25mm / 28mm scale back from the dawning days of the 1980's.  A range of high quality white metal and resin dungeon, wargame and collector scenics and characters.  Adding to the the Rack, the Cage, Branding Iron and the Whipping Beam we present The High Inquisitor!  Go HERE for the Torture Chamber Collection page or read on.  Note this collection contains adult themes and the images on our blog and social media are censored with our website showing the original images.

"Bring him before me.  Kneel before the Inquisitor on high!"

The Torture Chamber Collection was originally seen in the early 1980's from Tabletop Miniatures and there are many more sets from it to come from us when they are back in production.  We aim to get them out regularly as this task continues.  The Torture Chamber miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the product menu on our website's pages. Choose from a pack or three packs with a 10% saving applied. You can also choose to purchase poses or parts from the packs as shown on their own.  Go HERE.

TOR6 The High Inquisitor on Throne
This diorama set is composed of four white metal and resin 25mm scale parts.  These are the stone platform, the throne chair, the Inquisitor and the arm of the Inquisitor.  Excellent for dungeon crawl or diorama use.  

Here are the other codes in TOR which are on the website right now:

TOR4 The Branding Iron
This diorama set is composed of four white metal 25mm scale parts. These are the table of implements, the burning coal brazier, the Female Torturer with hot poker and length of chain and lastly semi nude Female prisoner in rags with manacle on wrist (chain and manacle join up as shown if wished). 

TOR3 The Rack
This diorama set is composed of seven white metal 25mm scale parts. These are the rack body which features a semi-nude female victim, rack front legs, rack rear legs, crank wheels on either side as well as the Torturer and the Inquisitor. 

TOR2 The Cage Set
This diorama set is composed of ten white metal 25mm scale parts.  These parts are the pillar, the rope, the clamp, cage top, cage bottom, four cage sides and the prisoner in the cage.  

TOR1 The Whipping Beam
This diorama set is composed of seven white metal 25mm scale parts. These are the pillar, the pillar base, the restraining rope, the hook mount, the hand restraints the Captive Nude Woman and the Whipmaster..

We have a trio of Weekly Deals which run Monday to Sunday each week.  Each week three different offers all at 20% off normal price for a code in that range on all of its options including painted and ready for play as well as whole units if applicable.  We have a Flintloque code deal, a High Fantasy code deal and a 15mm scale code deal.  Get something for your wargaming and check them out every Monday when they change.  HERE.  We also have a Latest Releases page where all of our codes from about the last six to ten weeks of releases are sited as well as in their own pages.  If you want to see what Alternative Armies has been doing it is a great place to start.  All of our ranges, all our game systems, 28mm and 15mm.  All HERE.

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